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Who we are:
Corpus-NCR (Canada) is an organization of married priests, their wives, and their friends working together for renewal in the Catholic Church, and for the implementation of changes advocated for the Church by the Second Vatican Council.

Among its goals are a married priesthood, the ordination of women, and a greater participation of the laity, both men and women, in the governance of the Church. It is affiliated with the International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry, and with the International Federation of Married Catholic Priests.

Its members meet on a regular basis to promote these changes, to pray together, and to socialize with one another. It is a small faith community where people come together to share their common ideals, support one another, and reach out to the larger communities both of the Church and outside the Church.

Reader letters and articles for publication on our web site are most welcome.  They should be emailed to: or mailed to Jim Noonan, Editor  at: 

Corpus-NCR (Canada) Website
2090 Prince Charles Road
Ottawa, Ontario; Canada; K2A 3L3

The editor sends out a monthly update of new items placed on the website. If you would like to be on the mailing list of those who receive this, please send your email address to the editor.

How to Join:
There is currently no membership fee. To become a member, or a mailing-list only member, email our Treasurer Cliff Power at:, or write to him at:                                                 

Corpus-NCR (Canada)
605-136 Darlington Private; Ottawa, ON; Canada; K1V 0X6

A membership list is distributed annually to members.

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